Winter Savings on Bathrooms

I realised that I haven’t been showcasing cheap deals for a while now which is why I have decided this post is most definitely due. January blues are over and we all have money again, but that doesn’t mean we should just be blowing it right? Lets get some new bathroom products without having a repeat of January then.

Free standing Bathroom Suite

Better Bathrooms have a winter sale on that has been extended. But I’m only focusing on what part of this sale which really stuck out for me. This was the freestanding bathroom suite. Before I even get on to the price of it, let’s talk about the looks. The whole suite has curves which fits in to a contemporary design if that’s the style you are looking for. And with it being a freestanding bath, the bathroom will always look expensive, whereas it is far from it. This sale has dropped the price of this suite from £622.80 to £299.95 which is one of the lowest prices that I’ve seen for a freestanding bath. So if you want to bathe with class without the classy expense then this is perfect for you.

Toilet & Basin

Downstairs toilets always take a beating. They get used the most throughout the day by everyone. Which is why you should make sure to update it if it’s getting a little bit rundown. Not only will this make you and your family happy to have a new, modern bathroom downstairs but it will impress guests as they will be using that toilet the most and there is nothing worse than having to use a toilet when your the guest and the toilet is horrid. are selling a toilet and basin package for as low as £104.99! That is incredible to think you can redo the downstairs toilet with just little over £100.

Towel Rail

So this can be for any bathroom in the house. Maybe youhave a lot of bathroom and all of them need better heating. Or you just need the one. Either way you will be getting a bargain with Bathroom Takeaway as they are selling heated towel rails for as low as £14.97. In fact there are 2 different styles that are as low as that so your sure to find one that you like. You can’t go wrong with a heated towel rail that is less than £15 right?

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