What Is The Perfect Bathroom?

We all have different tastes and preferences. It’s what makes us all unique in our own way. That’s one of the reasons why bathrooms are all different, however there must be 1 bathroom out there that everyone will agree is the perfect bathroom. If this is true though, what bathroom is it? I hope that the bathroom has a freestanding bath myself. This involves a mixture of how practical the bathroom is, the layout and just the general aesthetic of the entire room.

Lets break it down and speak about each of the 3 segments individually. This way we will be able to construct the perfect bathroom, or at least the closest that you can possibly achieve.


There are many different bathroom designs and styles such as Chic, Traditional, modern, Contemporary and more. This is where opinions will be divided the most. Even for me it is hard to decide because I love traditional and contemporary designs so for me It would be difficult to narrow it down to one. However, to make this fair we must choose the most popular design hat there is as most people prefer this design to any other. O course this design would be contemporary because it is the present. More and more people want to be trendy so they will go for contemporary designs. Take a look at this beautifully finished contemporary bathroom suite.

Contemporary freestanding bath suite


This is simple really. You cant just have a bath because it looks nicer or because you only take baths. As much as I love taking a hot relaxing bath after work, I do understand the convenience of a shower. For instance, nobody has enough time in the morning to run a bath so you take a shower, same with anytime you’re in a rush. Not to forget the fact that cleaning yourself in the bath is actually unhygienic as you’re just cleaning yourself in a pool of your own dirt really. But at the same time you don’t want to just have a shower because it’s nice to unwind in the bath therefore the perfect bathroom needs to have them both. And again, in a perfect scenario you would want them separately. A freestanding bath and a shower enclosure. That way if you are comfortable sharing your bathrooms then you don’t have to close off the whole bathroom just to have a bath. Your partner can still take a shower etc. Plus you benefit from having more space in both.

glass shower enclosure
freestanding bath


Of course when it comes to the size the bathroom needs to be large. That way you have a lot of space and can fit a bathtub and shower with ease. I don’t think anyone has ever moaned about too much space in the bathroom. The shower would be hidden away rather in a corner or in a separate room such as a wet room. This allows your bathroom to look simplistic even though you have a bathtub and a shower. The freestanding bath should be placed centrally as it is a beautiful piece and deserves to be the centre piece of the room.

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