Vitalise Shower Bath Suite


Vitalise is a contemporary bathroom suite that has a very smooth look about it. It’s curved shower bath and rounded toilet fit perfectly together in creating a modern bathroom suite that anyone can enjoy. Because the design is white, it expresses elegance whilst still maintaining simplicity. The perfect match for a bathroom. Not only does it shine elegance but it is very cheap. £399.97 for the full bathroom suite and free next day delivery from Bathroom Takeaway.

Shower Bath

This suite comes with a shower bath making it ideal for anyone short on space. The P shaped shower bath offers a sleek look that just adds to the modernity of the bathroom. The P shape not only makes it look modern but it’s there for practicality, it gives you more room to have a shower. No more will you be shuffling in the shower to turn around and find the shampoo. With this you will save room in the bathroom whilst not having to sacrifice shower space.

Vitalise P shape shower bath


Just like the shower bath, the toilet has a curved design giving it a smooth, sleek, contemporary look. This toilet doesn’t sway to far from the traditional toilet yet it also stands out as different. As one of the main features in a bathroom you have to make sure it isn’t plain and dull. Vitalise ensure the toilet is far from plain whilst again keeping the nice simple white colour. Sometimes it’s best to stick with the traditional white as it represents cleanliness which is what you want in a bathroom. To have a nice, stand out toilet doesnt mean to change up the colours, it can just be the designs as Vitalise shows.

vitalise toilet


The vitalise basin is a cross between a more traditional design whilst also having its own contemporary twist. Whilst still having a full pedestal it still keeps the curved design around both the basin and the pedestal. Great looking sink that goes well with both the shower bath and the toilet.

vitalise basin

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