How To Use Colour In A Bathroom

Check First

First you should check if you even would want colour in the bathroom. Many people like the idea of it but when it is in their own bathroom they hate it. A good test to see if you would like colour in your bathroom is check your wardrobe. That right, check your clothes and their colours. If your wardrobe is looking bright and bold then the best bet is you will love colour in your bathroom. My wardrobe on the other hand is made up black and white, no bold colour to be seen. So I know I wouldn’t enjoy having colour. I enjoy pictures of bathrooms with colour as many people do but I wouldn’t like it in my house. When I talk about colour as well I don’t mean every colour. For example black,grey,white,cream and brown are subtle colours which are safe. It’s the reds, greens and blues that I talk about when speaking about colour.

Match Colours

When choosing a colour it isn’t as simple as just painting the walls blue. No. It doesn’t even mean getting colourful bathroom furniture and features. When you’ve gone for such a bold statement you have to make sure its perfect and every part of the bathroom complements it. Including the metals. Beauty really is in the small detail. So say if you do go for blue, you have got a blue bathtub that goes well with the blue tinted walls. Well, me personally would go for nickel bath taps with blue. So make sure you have all the details down before you start buying and painting.

Don’t Go Off Trends

Don’t choose a colour because it’s been popular this year because next year it wont be. Then you’re stuck with a bathroom that’s outdated and needs changing. Unless you have money to spend and change your bathroom constantly, which most people don’t, then I would take this advice and run with it. So many have thought to themselves, “no i will still like it when it’s out of fashion” and so many people regret thinking that. As odd as it seems but when everyone stops raving over a certain colour that used to be trendy it loses it’s touch. No longer looking even a fragment to as what it used to be. You will get bored of it and eventually the paint will be back out.

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