New Unique Bathroom Heating

Industrial Style

At they have a massive amount of new heating products. And I mean massive! But today we are just going to be focusing on the more unique products, more industrial, chic and other different niche styles for the bathroom.


This is the first time I’ve ever seen radiators like this. It would look amazing in a industrial style bathroom, which I know is a very niche style which is why these radiators are not cheap. But a perfect, complete bathroom is priceless.

ribbon copper radiator

Expensive Traditional

I know traditional styled bathrooms are not that unique, there not that common either. However, this is a whole new level of traditional, with fine detailed crafted into the metal this radiator is undeniably different and unique. It would look beautiful in a traditional bathroom lit by an old chandelier.

cast iron radiator with fine detail

Modern & Bold

This one would look perfect in a contemporary bathroom with the primary colour as white with just hints of yellow splashed around. However, this radiator would only really fit in with that colour scheme but I know there is a beautiful modern home for this radiator.

white and yellow modern radiator

Go check out because as I said before they have a lot of heating. All new products, all new designs and colours

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