Transform Your Bathroom With Accessories

There are a few accessories in the bathroom that can not only make life easier but also make the bathroom look nicer. Those both qualify as good enough reasons to spend a little bit of money on them.

LED Mirror

LED mirrors ass to the whole modern aesthetic to a bathroom but come in handy for those dark mornings! In the morning your worst enemy is light and putting on the bathroom light can be blinding. The LED mirror will allow you to see yourself in the mirror without putting on the main lights. Perfect for those monday mornings.

LED mirror


My pet hate in a bathroom is when the basin is cluttered with toothpaste and toothbrushes. It makes the bathroom look like a bomb went off in it. Having a tumbler mounted on the wall next the basin is still just as convenient. It is a lot more organised and doesn’t take up any space. This helps the bathroom achieve that clean, minimalist look.

a white tumbler with 2 toothbrushes in it.

Shower Basket

Now many people have these anyway and anyone who does will tell you how easy it is to pick and choose what toiletry you need. However, I have been a guest at certain places that do not have them. Let me tell you, you do not realise how much more effort it is picking all your toiletries up from the ground. Not just that but just like the tumbler, the shower basket clears up all that space and makes the bathroom look clutter free and more organised.


Bath Rack

If you’re more of a bath person then don’t worry we also have thought about making your life easier too. A bath rack. If you like to chill in the bath with a book or even a tablet to catch up on your box series. A TV rack will allow you to rest your stuff on it leaving you to really relax hands free.

freestanding bath with a bath rack on it

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