4 Brilliant Bathroom Hacks

Put Your Phone In A Zip Lock Bag

We are constantly playing with our phones and other devices that don’t mix well with water, near water. In our age where we can’t put technology down, we need solutions so that we don’t have to. So whether you’re taking a relaxing bath or a steamy shower, lock your phone in a zip lock bag. Don’t think that this makes you’re phone indestructible in water, it just gives your phone a fighting chance. So it water proofs your phone to an extent, don’t start dipping it into water, just use it normally.

Turn Your Basin Into A Speaker

This one is simple and many people know about it already. But for those who don’t here it is. Make sure your basin is bone dry to make sure your phone doesn’t get damaged. Once that’s achieved just simply place your phone in the basin and play music. It acts as a speaker meaning you can listen to music in the shower without splashing out on speakers. Simple, effective and smart!

Let The Shower Get Rid Of Wrinkles

This one is for the people who hate ironing. You will still need to iron your shirts but it will take a lot less time to do so. Simply take your shirt in the bathroom with you whilst you shower and just hang it up on the door! The hot air and water vapor will remove a lot of the big creases for you!

Demist Your Mirrors

We’ve all ran into that issue of steam after a long bath or shower completely rendering your mirror useless until you wipe it clean (and soak) it with a perfectly dry hand towel. Instead give your mirror a scrub with some shaving cream. We’re not sure how it works but it just does!

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