Things To Consider Before Buying Bathroom Lighting

We have all bought something without thinking. I do it far too many times if I’m being honest. You think you have a deal and you go for it straight away to soon realise it’s not the right size or model etc. There is nothing worse than having to return a product just because you didn’t think before you bought it. And it gets more annoying every single time you keep doing it. So this should give you a few things to consider about bathroom lighting before you go and impulse buy.

What type of lighting do you want

The title doesn’t mean that you can only have one type of lighting, in fact here I will be encouraging you to buy different types of lighting and I will go into deeper detail now.

Task lighting

This is lighting that is usually a low leverl light that is based around areas you are usually doing something. For example having an LED mirror or lights on the sides or above the mirror so that you don’t strain your eyes with all the lighting. It will just light up the area that you are focusing on. This is also useful at night as you have another way to light up the bathroom that isn’t too light.

LED mirror


Use down lights closer to the edges of the room instead of the middle. It will reduce shadows that are given. Downlights are used often to light up the whole bathroom in good lighting.

Night Lights

Not everyone will want to have nightlights for the bathroom but I think it’s an amazing idea. If they have presence detectors and light up the room dimly then you have yourself the perfect bathroom lighting for midnight. Everyone woken up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. Imagine not having to worry about finding the light switch or having the lights blind you and therefore wake you up completely. This allows you to remain half asleep and not wake anyone up in the middle of the night. Perfect if you ask me.

Safety First

Make sure you get lighting that is safe to use in a bathroom enviroment. Due to the wet nature of a bathroom it has strict regulations when it comes to lights. They need to have a high IP rating. The higher the rating the more protected the light is from water so make sure you consult your electrician first so that you understand which lights you need to get to ensure your safety.

Energy Efficient

Get energy efficient light bulbs as it will not only save you energy but it will save you money too. LED’s are more expensive but they last up to 25 years which in the long run will save you money. So if you are fitting new bathroom lights then you might as well switch to LED’s.

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