Simple Improvements That Will Make A Big Difference

So we all like to mix up things once and a while. However we don’t all have the money for these changes, or just don’t like spending it on them. However, there are small things you can change to make it look more contemporary without breaking the bank. So, let’s see what easy changes you can do to the bathroom to bring it back up to date.


Shower Bath

If you have a bath and no shower then shame on you. It is so outdated and it limits your time. You don’t even have the option for a fast wash in the morning. So I guess this will help your bathroom’s looks and function. Adding a shower to the bath doesn’t even take up any room and you can get it because all you will need to buy is a shower screen and the shower itself. So wheres the negatives in that? That’s right, there is none, so what are you waiting for? Join the 21st century. Homebase sell showers for as low as £47.00. With showers that cheap I don’t see what took you so long?


Shower Screen

Now many of you will already have a shower bath. However, you might have a shower curtain. Which is outdated and annoying to use quite frankly. They stick toy you, you can’t see outside of the bath and sometimes they’re annoying to pull across. Lose all this and get a shower screen. Their minimalist design not only gives your shower bath a contemporary look but it also makes it easier to shower. You can get in and out the shower with ease. You don’t stick to it when taking a shower and you can even look out of it so you can see the rest of the room. Much better if you ask me. Bath Store sell shower screens for as low as £55. Again cheap and yet it can make your bathroom look and feel more modern.



This can be pricey depending how big the bathroom is, how many tiles you will use and what type of tiles you use. However, you can get this cheap. For example you could just do a line of tiles that goes around the bathroom etc. You can really get creative with tiles that can make the bathroom look a lot better. Not just that but you could also get it for cheap. Plus if you change the floor tiles you can even make it cheaper as it will be a smaller surface area than all 4 walls. And at ToppsTiles have some tiles at less than a £1 a tile. costing £8.28 per meter squared. Pretty impressive really.

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