Shower Screen Or Shower Curtain?

Most people have shower baths now because you get the best of both. Now, right from the start I’m going to say that I prefer a shower screen. I know the curtain has advantages which I will talk about later, but the I just love the minimalist look that a shower screen provides. That being said let’s jump into the details of the shower screen.


Shower Screen

Okay, so I will carry on the point of style. It has a more modern look to it and so if that is the style you are going for then use the screen in my opinion. It makes the room look less clutters so for small bathrooms this would also benefit you. For me as well, I like to see the room, that way I just feel more secure, I don’t like the idea that somebody could be on the other side of the curtain. I guess that’s due to all the horror films I watch. I’m sorry but after Psycho I will always think this okay.


Shower Curtain

Okay, if you are constantly sharing the bathroom then I guess this is kind of a must. That way when everyone is in a rush people can still use the bathroom when someone else is in the shower. Everyone keeps their decency and get’s to use the bathroom which is beneficial. However be careful with how comfortable you get. You don’t want someone having a number 2 whilst you’re cleaning your body. Seems wrong. But the curtain can be annoying because it sticks to you, you can’t see the rest of the bathroom (back to the Psycho) and it will make you feel a bit claustrophobic in there, I know I do. However, if you want a nice womanly touch the curtain are a great way to add a flowery pattern etc. Overall, it depends on what style your going for and whether you prefer to see the bathroom or would rather share the bathroom and keep your privacy.

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