Bathroom Decorations That Are Quirky And Funny

I’ve never had it in my bathroom. However, I always see them in others, and I love them. Of course, I’m talking about funny, quirky bathroom decorations. It brings comedy to the bathroom and really lightens up the place. Not just that but it is great for guests. I always find myself in a freinds bathroom like this and just looking around at the different funny quotations around the room! And my response in my head is always the same! Brilliant

Gallery Of Funny Bathroom Decorations

Now please just sit back and have a good ol’ laugh at some of the bathroom decor we found on the internet. Perfect for the guest bathroom or just if you want to make any bathroom that little bit more friendly. It gives it character and makes it unique.

You never know what you have until its gone, like toilet paper for example

I hate my job, oh please

the end

How long a minute is depends on what side of the door you're on

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