What Can’t A Vanity Unit Do?

There are many reasons why people choose the bathroom furniture. Whether it’s design, functionality or lack of money we all end up with furniture that works well with the bathroom you’ve got or works terribly. We think that vanity units are the way forward no matter what bathroom design you have, there’s no excuse.



Vanity units can often be seen as contemporary due to them being increasingly popular in recent years. This is the case with many of the designs as you have probably noticed many of the units are white. This fits in well with the modern/contemporary style that we see today in bathrooms. As they often come in white it has a high chance that it will look great in your bathroom due to it not having a bold colour. However, if you fancy being bold you will almost certainly find a bright coloured vanity unit that would suite your needs so there’s no need to worry about that.


Now, I know that a full pedestal basin is usually more fitting when it comes to traditional, victorian styled bathrooms. However, ¬†they are not as practical as vanity units. And as stated before, you probably think that vanity units only come in a contemporary design. Well that’s where you’re wrong. If you look online you will be able to find yourself a vanity unit with an elegant Victorian design. Granted full pedestal definitely fits in with the design better as it’s the basin that would have been in that era, however, if you really need that extra space without compromising your traditional style then you most sertainly can.

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