How To Perfect A Loft Bathroom

This is the a great idea for many who want a big bathroom. So everyone. In the UK most of us don’t have the please of space when it comes to houses. And most of us do nothing with the loft but store useless things in there. Well if you want a large bathroom, then simply get the loft converted into one! Here’s some tips for designing a loft bathroom.


Honestly, simplicity is the bet option here. Just go for the standard loft windows in the roof. Because they’re pointing up at the sky the windows offer a lot of natural light, especially because you will have clear glass. This is achieved without restricting your privacy. It’s the perfect option and if you don’t put windows in you may find your loft looking more like a basement. No thank you!

loft windows


Don’t forget you’re in the attic. Insulation isn’t as good as the rest of the house. Believe me, take it from someone who lived in an attic for 5 years, winters are harsh up there. So make sure you have good heating up there because there is nothing worse than getting out the shower to a cold room. Brrrr. And if you have a big enough budget, even go for underfloor heating. As you’re converting the loft anyway the floor will not have been placed so it’s the perfect time to do so! Treat your feet this winter!

matte grey radiator
Grey Norden Radiator from Bathroom Takeaway

Wet Room

As height isn’t any lofts strong point, having a standard shower enclosure may not be a possible idea. If you opt for a wet room you don’t need a shower tray. That will save you a couple of inches in height. And in a loft any height you can gain is a big thing.

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