Perfect Bathroom For Couples


His and Her Sinks

This is such a common idea whenever people think of his and hers. However that’s because its a great idea. Not only is it really practical, putting all the morning quarrels about hogging the sink behind you as you both have a sink each. It is also a nice modern look that makes the bathroom look a whole lot classier. Why would you not want this? Less arguing, less time wasted and a nicer appearance. I honestly see no flaws in getting his and hers if you have enough space to get them


Why have 2 sinks and a small mirror? Most arguments in the bathroom are not just hogging the sink but hogging the mirror. Get 2 mirrors to solve it. Or get 1 bigger mirror that covers both of the sinks, which i prefer. It keeps to the modern look as it look sleeker and more of a minimalist design which would go really well with the sinks as it makes everything look neat and organised.

Double Ended Bath

Just because your not sharing sinks and mirrors doesn’t mean you have to be separated all the time. In fact in this instance, sharing is caring. With a double ended bath you can use your bathroom for a place to unwind and create romance. Nobody gets the straw short being stuck under the tap whilst cold water continuous to drip on your head. With the double ended bath both of you get enjoy yourself and relax. Bringing yourselves closer to each other, this style of bath isn’t just something that’s good on the eye but it allows you to enjoy each others company in the most relaxing way possible.

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