How To Achieve A Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Sometimes, especially in bathrooms, less is more. This doesn’t just mean a tidy bathroom, it ties in with fittnigs and furniture, so if you want that modern minimalist bathroom look, then carry on reading. Cleaning and Tidying Tidying This was an obvious one, and a cheap one. Get rid of all that clutter, … Read More

Ideas To Create A Cosy Bathroom


Open Storage Instead of hiding your towels in cabinets, show them off, use shelves to store your towels so that they are out on show. It gives your bathroom that spa feel, the fluffy texture of the towels creates the feel of comfort within the room. This can be achieved a couple of different ways. … Read More

Must-Have Bath Accessories

bubble bath

Bath Pillow Everybody loves a good soak in the bath. A time to lie back and relax in the bubbles, however you should go that extra mile. For an extra £15 for a bath pillow on amazon you can really enjoy your bath without having to suffer from the stiff neck and bruised head. This … Read More

Freestanding Baths

freestanding bath

Freestanding Bath Designs To Suite Everyone’s Taste Victorian Traditional Roll Top Bath This Bath design had elegance and class, no doubt about it. But because it has such a unique, classy design it will only be suitable with similar designed rooms. And although these baths look classy and expensive, they’re really not. Don’t get me … Read More

3 Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom ideas

Lose The Curtain Losing the bath as a whole would save you a lot of space, however, then you don’t have a bath to relax in after a long stressful week. So instead, if you change out the shower curtain, which I think everyone hates anyway, and swap it with a sleeker looking glass panel … Read More

Dulux Has Announced It’s Colour Of The Year

colour of the year

Denim Drift Leading paint brand Dulux have come out with the colour of the year for 2017. The colour they believe will be in time with the trends. They have chosen blue and they think that denim drift is neutral palette that will allow other materials to take centre stage. Why Blue? But why blue? … Read More

Whirl Pool Baths

whirl pool bath

Hot Tub or Bath? As technology gets more advanced so do bathtubs. With whirl pool baths coming on to the scene, it really shows the extent to which bathroom technology has come. It is like a hot tub, but in a bathroom, but there’s 1 difference that’s the best. The fact that Bathroom Takeaway is … Read More

Perfect Bathroom For Couples


His and Her Sinks This is such a common idea whenever people think of his and hers. However that’s because its a great idea. Not only is it really practical, putting all the morning quarrels about hogging the sink behind you as you both have a sink each. It is also a nice modern look … Read More

Top 3 Freestanding Baths

freestanding bath

Victoria Plum’s Top Picks Crescent From only £399 this bath is also very reasonable in price. Its the simple, contemporary freestanding bath design. So with this you cant go wrong, there’s no wonder why Victoria Plum put this up with there top 5 freestanding baths. It’s modern yet simplistic design will allow it to fit … Read More

Homely Bathrooms

Make Your Bathroom Warm and welcoming Colour Not Lighting Many designers will argue that windows, with natural lighting pouring in will make your bathroom feel welcoming. Well instead that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Although natural lighting is bright and welcoming, it really depends on the weather. And with us being in Britain… natural … Read More