Transform Your Bathroom With Accessories

bathroom accessories in a drawer

There are a few accessories in the bathroom that can not only make life easier but also make the bathroom look nicer. Those both qualify as good enough reasons to spend a little bit of money on them. LED Mirror LED mirrors ass to the whole modern aesthetic to a bathroom but come in handy … Read More

Winter Savings on Bathrooms

piggy bank

I realised that I haven’t been showcasing cheap deals for a while now which is why I have decided this post is most definitely due. January blues are over and we all have money again, but that doesn’t mean we should just be blowing it right? Lets get some new bathroom products without having a … Read More

What Is The Perfect Bathroom?

freestanding bath

We all have different tastes and preferences. It’s what makes us all unique in our own way. That’s one of the reasons why bathrooms are all different, however there must be 1 bathroom out there that everyone will agree is the perfect bathroom. If this is true though, what bathroom is it? I hope that … Read More

Shower Screen Or Shower Curtain?

whater droplets on a shower screen

Most people have shower baths now because you get the best of both. Now, right from the start I’m going to say that I prefer a shower screen. I know the curtain has advantages which I will talk about later, but the I just love the minimalist look that a shower screen provides. That being … Read More

Have Fun In Your Bathroom!

a girl hairdrying

Many people use the bathroom for it’s intended purpose and that’s all. Now what’s the fun in that? I’m a great believer in making the most out of your money. If I’m paying a lot of money for a bathroom the you better believe that I’m not going to be leaving that room for a … Read More

New Years Resolution! Cleaner House, Better You

new years eve sparkler

An Easier New Years Resolution So it’s around the time when people have already broke their new years resolution. Often giving into the temptation of the leftover chocolate or cheese. However, why not make a new years resolution for cleaning. It doesn’t have to be a daily thing such as dieting as long as you … Read More

6 Ways To Get Festive In Your Bathroom This Christmas

christmas lantern

Well, the weather outside is frightful, so make your bathroom look delightful! With Christmas close , you’ve probably already put up the Christmas tree in the living room, hung a wreath on the front door and ironed those stockings, ready for the hearth. So, why not extend the festive cheer into the most important room … Read More

Creative Toilet Roll Holders

toilet roll with a love heart on top of it

The one thing that never changes throughout toilets is the toilet roll holder. Whether its contemporary, traditional or chic the toilet roll holder will always stay plain. Attached to the wall at the side of the toilet. So why not get creative with it and change it up. Be different and create unique toilet roll … Read More

How To Save Water and Money


Every day in the UK each person uses approximately 150 litres of water, but have you ever wondered how the water you use on a daily basis reaches your home? From turning on the tap to washing your hands to taking a shower and filling the kettle, the water most of us take for granted … Read More