New Years Resolution! Cleaner House, Better You

An Easier New Years Resolution

So it’s around the time when people have already broke their new years resolution. Often giving into the temptation of the leftover chocolate or cheese. However, why not make a new years resolution for cleaning. It doesn’t have to be a daily thing such as dieting as long as you keep on top of it. This is a easier resolution to keep. You will also get the feeling of accomplishment whilst also having a nice clean house, everyone’s a winner.


How To Keep On Track

This differs for everyone because people get motivated by different things. However, this is what works for me and hopefully for you too. Firstly, I would tell people in my house that this is my resolution, that way they can keep reminding me that the bathroom is looking a bit dirty or if I’m starting to get lazy again. Although this could go in the opposite direction as people in the household might not pull their weight but they’re telling you what to do, so it depends on you and the people you live with.

Get whoever lives with you to join in on the resolution. That way you are not doing all the work on your own and it’s easier to clean the house. That way you are more motivated to clean the house. Not just that but if the other person is cleaning and you didn’t want to, you feel like you have to so you don’t let them down. Working on an objective with somebody else always helps with motivation.

Don’t let it build up. Trust me on this one, worst thing you can with a dirty house. If you’re not motivated to clean it up now, why will you be motivated to clean up next week when the mess has doubled in size. Stop telling yourself you will do it tomorrow, you are only fooling yourself and you know it. I always did it with cleaning and going to the gym even though the next day it was the same thing. “I will do it tomorrow!”

These tips should make your year more productive, help you finally accomplish a new years resolution, and give you a nice clean house to be proud of! What’s there to lose?

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