Modern Country Home Bathroom Design


Nothing screams country bathroom like a good old armchair. Not many bathroom designs do this and so with the other decor it’s easily identifiable as a country bathroom. I mean in terms of functionality I don’t really see why you would be using a chair in the toilet, however it looks great. But ensure you get a more traditional looking armchair to really create the look.


wooden Floor

It does’t have to be a natural wood floor colour either. In fact white painted wood looks more like a country bathroom. It gives it the rustic, DIY country home feel that everyone instantly can recognise. It’s a really nice finish to a country bathroom and it doesn’t even have to be expensive. You could simply use the floor boards and paint them white and there you have it!

wooden floor

Brick Wall

Now it doesn’t have to be a lot, it could be just a section of one wall. The brick wall, just like the wooden floor, adds to the rustic design that the country bathroom has. Using just a little section makes it more modern because your using two different wall textures on the same wall.

brick wall

Freestanding Bath

This would look great all together it really would. But try and add a few modern bathroom features like a free standing tub. If you get a contemporary style it would work perfect. A free standing bath screams old country home but the modern design contradicts it. It really does work well. Check out this one from Bathroom Takeaway

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