What Makes Bathrooms So Great

Now I know everyone will know the basics of why a bathroom is a must have. However, what makes it great? Why is there blogs written about them etc. Well there are many little things that come together making the bathroom one of the best rooms in the house. (In competition with kitchen and bedroom for obvious reasons). So let’s go through some of them reasons and see whether I’m the only one that thinks them.

Obvious Basics

Now I wasn’t even going to write about this because everyone knows the basics of a toilet and why it’s so great. Relaxing place to bathe, you can get ready for work, night out or bed therefore it is a very useful room. I didn’t want anyone thinking that I forgot what a bathrooms main functions were and let’s be honest, we all love the basic functions. It allows us to get ready and look our best, smell our best and relax in the best way!


Everyone wants to live in luxury but not everyone can afford it. In fact there are only a few that can! But the bathroom allows us to feel like were living in luxury. You can do up your bathroom cheap and so it looks so expensive that all of your friends couldn’t afford it together. However, most other room in the house don’t allow you to make an expensive looking room without actually paying the price. To make a bathroom look fancy all you really need is a freestanding bath or a walk in shower! Those are the features that make me feel like the bathrooms owner has pumped a lot of money into the bathroom, regardless of knowing how much they actually have put into it.


If you’re like me and live in a very busy house then you will appreciate the peace and quiet that the bathroom can bring. Not just that but sometimes you need time alone to do what you want to do and having a soak in the bath can provide exactly that. Doesn’t mean you have to be in quiet though, watch a film or listen to music, either way you will enjoy being able to do what you want to do with nobody interfering.

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