Luxury Designer Bathrooms the other day and wow am I glad I did. All of their products scream elegance and class. But I mean next level class. They are honestly breathtaking, even if you’re not going to buy, just go to there website and take a look and there range. The products are very pricey ,but you can completely see why. When I say they’re classy. Some of them are more similar to a pool or a hot tub then a bath. These guys do not mess around when it comes to bathroom features.

To be honest some of there products are actually averagely priced so if you do want that perfect bathroom but you know you don’t have £12,000 to spend on a pool/bath then go for the lower range stuff, you can buy a straight bath for £300. Like i said before, this website is really for those who have a lot of money to spend. But the pictures ion their websites. Wow. I could only dream of having a bathroom that looked remotely like that. This post is honestly more for the bathroom enthusiasts more over people looking to buy. I don’t think anyone can afford £12,000 for a bath. I know I cant. I love baths but I’d much rather buy a new car.

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