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How To Get Inspiration

As a blog writer that uploads daily content it can sometimes be hard to think of content, which is why I decided to write this blog post. This doesn’t have to apply for just content creators, it can be applied in any decision making really. You could also use it when your deciding to buy a bathroom etc. So this is what I do to gain inspiration.


From buying a bathroom, creating content to getting a tattoo. Pinterest has different boards and pictures all containing other peoples ideas and creations. They also usually have links to their blogs so you could also end up stumbling across a blog that is jam packed of useful design ideas etc. Because this is all user generated pictures and boards it allows for a bigger variety and choice which is why it is so good for inspiration. You get to see so many peoples different ideas to which you can adopt your own. Just be careful because if you are content creating you don’t want to go and completely copy their idea and show it as your own.


That’s right, the old fashioned way! Search for blogs similar to the thing you want top buy or create. They will be sharing similar ideas to what you want which will give you some inspiration. I much prefer Pinterest to this as this can be hard to find the right blog. Not only that but google doesnt show picture of the blog before hand so you have to go on the blog to decide whether you like it or not.

Online Retailers

I tend to do this a lot. Because they tend to style their bathroom sets beautifully. This then gives me ideas of designs that I would like to share, or in most cases I will directly link the company and talk about their products and why I like them. This could work again for creation or buying. If your buying but don’t know what product or style then what better way to look then actually look at products for sale!

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