Homely Bathrooms

Make Your Bathroom Warm and welcoming

Colour Not Lighting

Many designers will argue that windows, with natural lighting pouring in will make your bathroom feel welcoming. Well instead that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Although natural lighting is bright and welcoming, it really depends on the weather. And with us being in Britain… natural lighting is very scarce, especially in winter. As the cold winter is on our doorsteps, a lot of windows would be silly. I couldn’t think of anything worse than the sight of dead trees looming over the bathroom windows on a cold winter night. And not to forget windows aren’t exactly the best at keeping hot air in. No, instead I think to make your bathroom feel warm and homely in Britain you should use brighter colours. I Don’t mean Vibrant, oh no. Stick to your Creams, maybe soft yellow or sandy brown. These are the warm colours your looking for. Use these to replace that natural lighting that we so much lack in Britain.

cream circle
yellow circle
brown circle

Check out the paint shown above here:www.victoriaplum.com

Trinkets and Photos

Okay so this one will cost you next to nothing. Its simple, make your bathroom look like the rest of your house. Make it homely by adding a photo or 2 to the bathroom. If you don’t want to do that or if you want to do both then think about adding little trinkets here and there. Maybe just a flower pot with a nice flower in it (real or fake). Possibly little ornaments placed on the windowsill. These little things make your bathroom feel like your mother has just been round. It reminds you of your old bathrooms. It makes your bathroom feel homely and warm.

little car trinket
Now, with these 2 simple steps your bathroom should look and feel a lot more homely, welcoming and warm. You have nice, soft and brighter colours whilst its not being too bright. On top of that you have little trinkets and photos that remind you of your childhood home.

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