Get Your Bathroom Winter Ready

The bathroom is usually the first room you will walk into. A place to wale you up and prepare you for the day ahead. However, in winter it can truly be a dreaded nightmare. But we know a few tips that will change that straight away.


A Nice Warm Towel

After leaving the shower you are left wet in a cold room, now those two do not mix well, not in the middle of winter anyway. So make sure you have a heated towel rail so that you can wrap yourself in a big warm towel. It’s almost magical! And Bathroom Takeaway have had a clearance sale on heated towel rails for a while now so if you’re tight on money then go pick yourself up a heated towel rail for as low as £12.97 from here. And with more than 20 products on the sale you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste. But hurry whilst stocks last!

towel rail

Big Fluffy Towels

Do you guys remember the post I did a few days ago about picking the right towel? Well forget almost everything. The high GSM towel is always the right towel in winter. Big and fluffy, this towel will ensure that you will be at maximum warmth and comfort to fight off the morning winter chills. rated a beautifully thick, Turkish cotton towel set 2nd, which in winter would push it right to first.

fluffy towels

Thicker Rug

It doesn’t matter how warm and fluffy your towels are for when you get out the shower. The floor tiles are still going to be freezing. Whether that’s before or after you get in it will give you a huge shock to your system. Go for a bigger and thicker rug so that your feet don’t have to suffer and you’re not restricted to just a little space either. You can pick these up from pretty uch anywhere with prices ranging. However Amazon sell a very thick bath rug for just £3.05 that will be sure to absorb more than enough water without getting waterlogged

bath mat

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