Freestanding Baths

Freestanding Bath Designs To Suite Everyone’s Taste

Victorian Traditional Roll Top Bath

This Bath design had elegance and class, no doubt about it. But because it has such a unique, classy design it will only be suitable with similar designed rooms. And although these baths look classy and expensive, they’re really not. Don’t get me wrong the price can get pretty steep if that’s what your looking for but there are some amazing priced baths over at

victoian bath
1700mm Victoria Traditional Roll Top Bath – Dragon Feet – Large, £264.99.

victorian bath
1760mm Victoria Traditional Roll Top Double Slipper Bath – Black Ball Feet – Large, £309.99.

Yang Freestanding Bath

This design is freestanding just like the Victorian bath. However this is a more modern design, therefore it can fit in better with more designs, its not to madly specific to just one design such as the Victorian one is. However you have to bare in mind with both of these designs that tyou need a pretty spacious bathroom for it to fit in. Unlike other baths these are designed to take the centre of the room, not to be stuck against a wall. Bathroom Takeaway do some great yang freestanding baths. And considering what kind of bath your getting, there at great prices too.

yang bath
Yang 1675 x 777mm Luxury Freestanding Bath, £369.97.

yang bath
W@sh Luxury Freestanding Bath White, £529.97

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