En Suite, A Gift Or A Curse?

There’s a lot of good thing’s about having an en suite and reasons why you should get one. However, don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t any bad points to it either. Everything had a bad side to it as well.



Like I stated, there are a lot of good points to having an en suite, many of these point people will know about without even having one. It’s just that obvious , however let me tell you about the positives in a little bit more detail. Having an en suite is literally like having your own private apartment, within your own house. Everything you need is all in one place, you can hide in your little fortress off solitude forever. And not forgetting the fact that you don’t have to wait in queue for the shared toilet. Oh no you can just walk right into your own bathroom, perfect.



Okay so now comes the bad points. You may have never even thought of these until I told you, now it will annoy you all the time. First of all is toilet at night, if you share your bedroom with a partner they will be waking you up with a loud flush which sounds like it’s inside your bedroom. Because it basically is. Not to forget the smell, whether it’s you or a partner making the smell it will still filter into the bedroom which isn’t exactly the nicest thing you want in your bedroom now is it. If you have kids you will find that they will constantly walk in your room to use the en suite because the other bathroom is in use. Turns out you actually end up with less privacy. Funny how that works.

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