Ideas To Create A Cosy Bathroom

Open Storage

Instead of hiding your towels in cabinets, show them off, use shelves to store your towels so that they are out on show. It gives your bathroom that spa feel, the fluffy texture of the towels creates the feel of comfort within the room. This can be achieved a couple of different ways. Floating shelves, storage ladders or maybe even boxes or baskets.

Colour Scheme

When painting your bathroom make sure you have planned the colours. To create a cosy aesthetic make sure to use a neutral palette of colours. It creates a calm feeling which is great for the bathroom. Remember different colours represent different things. White represents cleanliness which is why many bathrooms are coloured white.

Add Wooden Finishes

Wood always gives off modest, calm vibes which other material doesn’t. The more natural the wood looks the calmer it looks. This calm, modest aesthetics goes hand in hand with cosiness. Log cabins, saunas, chalets. They’re all wooden. They all give off that cosy look.

Cosy bathrooms have to be the best idea. Its a place where you unwind and can be a haunting place in the cold winter mornings. This is the room you want to be cosy so that you don’t dread getting in the shower in the morning. So you feel relaxed and calm when your in there. For those with small bathrooms (most people in the UK) this is a great idea as small spaces are the easiest to turn into a cosy paradise.

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