Coloured Baths For A Bold Bathroom

Modern, Colour and Freestanding baths

If you want to spice things up in your bathroom. Why not add bold colours here and there to your bathroom. Victoria Plum have got new, coloured baths in stock now and what a perfect way to add colour to your bathroom. You can choose the bolder colours such as blue. Or you can choose the more low key colours such as black and grey. Which ever you choose, these bathtubs will sure turn heads when you have guests over.

Modern Freestanding Bath

For a more contemporary look then go for these bathrubs, there curves are so sleek andn minimalistic, they would fit in any contemporary bathroom suite.

Darker Colours

grey modern bath
black modern bath

Bolder Colours

blue modern bath
orange modern bath

Victorian, Traditional Freestanding Bath

This style is a modern twist on a tyraditional design. Using the traditional, vicrorian style of freestanding bath but placing different colours that are never seen on any bathtub. Very unique and woukld look gret for those indie chick style bathroom suites.

Lighter colours

blue traditional bath
pink traditional bath

Darker Colours

burnt copper coloured traditional bath
purple traditional bath

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