What Bathroom Towel Is Right For You?

stack of towels

gsm gsm measures density. It is an acronym for ‘grams per square metre.’ Low gsm (500-600): Thin, light towels, fast drying perfect for travelling and the gym. Mid gsm (600-700): Medium weight, fast drying and durable, great for everyday use. High gsm (700+): Heavy, fluffy towels that are very absorbent. Slow at drying and usually … Read More

Design Tips


Helping Hand If your a lone wolf when it comes to projects, stop. If there is someone who wants to help then take them up on it. This goes towards the planning and the actually physical setting up the bathroom, that is if you don’t hire people to do it for you anyway. For the … Read More

How To Achieve A Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Sometimes, especially in bathrooms, less is more. This doesn’t just mean a tidy bathroom, it ties in with fittnigs and furniture, so if you want that modern minimalist bathroom look, then carry on reading. Cleaning and Tidying Tidying This was an obvious one, and a cheap one. Get rid of all that clutter, … Read More

3 Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom ideas

Lose The Curtain Losing the bath as a whole would save you a lot of space, however, then you don’t have a bath to relax in after a long stressful week. So instead, if you change out the shower curtain, which I think everyone hates anyway, and swap it with a sleeker looking glass panel … Read More

Dulux Has Announced It’s Colour Of The Year

colour of the year

Denim Drift Leading paint brand Dulux have come out with the colour of the year for 2017. The colour they believe will be in time with the trends. They have chosen blue and they think that denim drift is neutral palette that will allow other materials to take centre stage. Why Blue? But why blue? … Read More