4 Cleaning Hacks For The Bathroom

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Feeling Lazy? Try These out wW I know nobody like cleaning, but some people are more motivate and better at it than others. I’m not one of these people.. at all. Which is why I searched the internet far and wide to find these cleaning hacks that will make it easier. Vinegar, More Than Just … Read More

Simple Ideas To Brighten A Dark Bathroom

Brighten your room

A common mistake, which results in emphasising your bathroom’s dark spots, is having one single source of light in the room. This casts shadows in all the places you ought to be shedding light and, ultimately, makes your room look smaller. Scatter lighting around the room to brighten all those corners and floor spaces that … Read More

Inspiration And Ideas


How To Get Inspiration As a blog writer that uploads daily content it can sometimes be hard to think of content, which is why I decided to write this blog post. This doesn’t have to apply for just content creators, it can be applied in any decision making really. You could also use it when … Read More

4 Brilliant Bathroom Hacks

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Put Your Phone In A Zip Lock Bag We are constantly playing with our phones and other devices that don’t mix well with water, near water. In our age where we can’t put technology down, we need solutions so that we don’t have to. So whether you’re taking a relaxing bath or a steamy shower, … Read More

Making Your Own Soap

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Warnings Lye (sodium hydroxide) is the one ingredient in homemade soap that can’t be substituted. Lye is caustic so you’ll need to be very careful when using it – always use eye protection, gloves and a mask. When lye is mixed with water, it will heat up and fume for about 30-60 seconds and may … Read More

Update Your Bathroom On A Budget


Paint Easy and cheap! There is nothing like a fresh new coat of paint on the walls! And for a typical bathroom, from start to finish, it should really only take a few hours. Since the fixtures of a bathroom are often white or light-colored, think about adding a pop of color on the walls. … Read More

Have Fun Renovating

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Fun Renovating Project When people think of renovating their bathroom they hate it. Yes, they enjoy the final result because you’re left with a brand new bathroom that is spotless. However, what if you don’t dread the renovating part. If you actually enjoyed the challenge? Well it makes the final result feel a whole lot … Read More

How To Use Colour In A Bathroom

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Check First First you should check if you even would want colour in the bathroom. Many people like the idea of it but when it is in their own bathroom they hate it. A good test to see if you would like colour in your bathroom is check your wardrobe. That right, check your clothes … Read More

Detox Baths

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Safety I know it sounds stupid having safety warnings for a bath but although detox baths are great for alleviating a number of aches and pains, if you’ve got an existing condition such as heart disease or diabetes, or if you are pregnant, check with your doctor before having one to see if they have … Read More

Buyers Guide For Bathrooms


This is a guide on how to buy the perfect bathroom for you! Questions You Shoud Ask Yourself How Much Space? Measure your bathroom and draw out a plan. That way you can buy your bathroom features not just on style but on size aswell. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money … Read More