Fancy Lighting?

light bulb

A touch Of Class Lighting. Not many people think about it when remodelling their bathroom. And depending on the look you’re trying to capture, it can go a long way. At Better Bathrooms they sell a lot of lighting fixtures in many different designs. And it’s safe to say they have a product for every … Read More

Top 5 Bathroom Furniture

top 5 bathroom furniture

Victoria Plum’s Top Furniture Picks Victoria Plum have a category where they choose the top 5 products from each category. And on this blog we will show you their top 5 bathroom furniture picks. Drift Oak As stated many time before, wood is making a comeback in furniture. It is becoming more common to have … Read More

New Showers's New Shower

Brand New Showers Just In Less is more when it comes to bathrooms now. The less things you have in your bathroom and the smaller your features, the more room you have and the more style it gives to the bathroom. As you will know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I … Read More

Double Ended Baths

double ended baths

Relax Together Double ended baths. Parents need this the most because it’s time that they can have together to relax. With most spending roughly 70% at work and the other 30% looking after kids parents don’t get near enough time together. Well, the bath has always been a good way to relax. And with a … Read More

Must-Have Bath Accessories

bubble bath

Bath Pillow Everybody loves a good soak in the bath. A time to lie back and relax in the bubbles, however you should go that extra mile. For an extra £15 for a bath pillow on amazon you can really enjoy your bath without having to suffer from the stiff neck and bruised head. This … Read More

Freestanding Baths

freestanding bath

Freestanding Bath Designs To Suite Everyone’s Taste Victorian Traditional Roll Top Bath This Bath design had elegance and class, no doubt about it. But because it has such a unique, classy design it will only be suitable with similar designed rooms. And although these baths look classy and expensive, they’re really not. Don’t get me … Read More

Whirl Pool Baths

whirl pool bath

Hot Tub or Bath? As technology gets more advanced so do bathtubs. With whirl pool baths coming on to the scene, it really shows the extent to which bathroom technology has come. It is like a hot tub, but in a bathroom, but there’s 1 difference that’s the best. The fact that Bathroom Takeaway is … Read More

Top 3 Freestanding Baths

freestanding bath

Victoria Plum’s Top Picks Crescent From only £399 this bath is also very reasonable in price. Its the simple, contemporary freestanding bath design. So with this you cant go wrong, there’s no wonder why Victoria Plum put this up with there top 5 freestanding baths. It’s modern yet simplistic design will allow it to fit … Read More