What Can’t A Vanity Unit Do?

grey, contemporary vanity unit

There are many reasons why people choose the bathroom furniture. Whether it’s design, functionality or lack of money we all end up with furniture that works well with the bathroom you’ve got or works terribly. We think that vanity units are the way forward no matter what bathroom design you have, there’s no excuse.   … Read More

Winter Savings on Bathrooms

piggy bank

I realised that I haven’t been showcasing cheap deals for a while now which is why I have decided this post is most definitely due. January blues are over and we all have money again, but that doesn’t mean we should just be blowing it right? Lets get some new bathroom products without having a … Read More

Bathroom Decorations That Are Quirky And Funny

seat yourself sign

I’ve never had it in my bathroom. However, I always see them in others, and I love them. Of course, I’m talking about funny, quirky bathroom decorations. It brings comedy to the bathroom and really lightens up the place. Not just that but it is great for guests. I always find myself in a freinds … Read More

Top Traditional Bathroom Furniture

traditional bathroom furniture

This is a post to show you just a few of what we think are the best traditional bathroom furniture. On the internet that is. All of them, of course are found in online stores so you can buy your favourite. Because we want to make sure we don’t miss out great pieces comment any … Read More

Coloured Baths For A Bold Bathroom

coloured baths - Purple bath

Modern, Colour and Freestanding baths If you want to spice things up in your bathroom. Why not add bold colours here and there to your bathroom. Victoria Plum have got new, coloured baths in stock now and what a perfect way to add colour to your bathroom. You can choose the bolder colours such as … Read More

Sale On Tiles

bathroom tiles

Bathroom Tiles Sale Tiles can get really expensive out of nowhere. You only see the price of the tile per meter squared and so you don’t know the price of the whole bathroom until you work it out. By that point you’ve already fell in love with them tiles. So before that make sure you … Read More

5 Refreshing Tiling Ideas

bathroom tiles

Victorian Plumbing tiling ideas Mosiac Tiles Mosaic tiles are one of the best ways to create a beautiful feature in your bathroom. A great example of this is to use mosaic tiles to tile the area behind your basin. Another idea is to tile the area inside a shower enclosure or an alcove in your … Read More

New Bathroom Suite

new bathroom suite

Hot In Better Bathrooms have got some new bathroom suites and wow are they different. I like them. But the ultimate question is, do you? Let’s take a look at what Im talking abouit. Impressions The feature that I enjoy with this suite is the bath. Its very rounded look is unique and really does … Read More

Bathroom Accessories

new accessories

Liven Up Your Bathroom Everyone loves the finer details in any room. Even those that don’t directly notice them can feel a difference in the room. It finishes off the bathroom design with that little detail it needed. Victoria Plum also have a lot of new accessories that will be sure to add finesse to … Read More