Bathroom Trends, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

the good the bad the ugly

Trends can be amazing but they can also be ridiculous. Beauty can come to light to show everyone, making more and more people use similar designs, spreading the beauty. However, they can also do the same to terrible designs. People start using the designs for their own home just because it’s trendy, ignoring the fact … Read More

What Is The Perfect Bathroom?

freestanding bath

We all have different tastes and preferences. It’s what makes us all unique in our own way. That’s one of the reasons why bathrooms are all different, however there must be 1 bathroom out there that everyone will agree is the perfect bathroom. If this is true though, what bathroom is it? I hope that … Read More

Shower Screen Or Shower Curtain?

whater droplets on a shower screen

Most people have shower baths now because you get the best of both. Now, right from the start I’m going to say that I prefer a shower screen. I know the curtain has advantages which I will talk about later, but the I just love the minimalist look that a shower screen provides. That being … Read More

How To Perfect A Loft Bathroom

loft bathroom

This is the a great idea for many who want a big bathroom. So everyone. In the UK most of us don’t have the please of space when it comes to houses. And most of us do nothing with the loft but store useless things in there. Well if you want a large bathroom, then … Read More

Bathroom Designs You Will Love

free standing bath

Asian-Style Bathroom With Sunken Tub Christoper Grubb transformed a minimalist bathroom into a luxurious spa with a stunning glass shower and a sunken tub surrounded by polished stones. Modern Master Bathroom With Dark Vanities This bathroom boasts two separate islands and an adjoining master closet space. Vessel sinks and 6 x 5-foot mirrors framed in … Read More

Bathroom Suites Anyone Would Have

orange bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom Suites Take a look at some of the amazing bathroom suites that anyone would love to have. Sold at Plumbworld. They know how to design a bathroom! It’s not just how they design the bathrooom, it’s the features too! Freestanding Baths £499,97 £629.98 Straight Baths £249.97 £229.97 Shower Enclosure £269.98As you can see … Read More

Vitalise Shower Bath Suite

vitalise full suite

Vitalise Vitalise is a contemporary bathroom suite that has a very smooth look about it. It’s curved shower bath and rounded toilet fit perfectly together in creating a modern bathroom suite that anyone can enjoy. Because the design is white, it expresses elegance whilst still maintaining simplicity. The perfect match for a bathroom. Not only … Read More

Modern Country Home Bathroom Design

Seating Nothing screams country bathroom like a good old armchair. Not many bathroom designs do this and so with the other decor it’s easily identifiable as a country bathroom. I mean in terms of functionality I don’t really see why you would be using a chair in the toilet, however it looks great. But ensure … Read More

Calm Furniture Range

calm furniture range

Bathroom Takeaway’s Calm Furniture Range Calm Walnut At Bathroom Takeaway they have an elegant, wooden, calm furniture range. And I thought there’s no better time to showcase it then just after yesterdays oak furniture range. Wooden bathrooms really do have a nice finish to them which is why once again I’m telling you about another … Read More