Calm Furniture Range

Bathroom Takeaway’s Calm Furniture Range

Calm Walnut

At Bathroom Takeaway they have an elegant, wooden, calm furniture range. And I thought there’s no better time to showcase it then just after yesterdays oak furniture range. Wooden bathrooms really do have a nice finish to them which is why once again I’m telling you about another range! The calm range comes in different colours, and right now we are focusing on the walnut. Its dark wooden finish would go really well with a grey room, the clash of dark colours would definitely compliment each other, maintaining a very sleek, modern design for your bathroom.

walnut vanity unit
walnut cabinet
walnut mirror

Calm Light Oak

They don’t have as much variety with the light oak. But what they do offer is a 3 in 1 pack really. It’s a combination vanity unit. It has storage space, a basin and a toilet fixed together. Perfect for bathrooms that could do with that little extra space. The light oak would go perfect with a white bathroom. The combination of light colours would create a minimalist look, which as I always say, creates a modern look. Anyone would agree that this would look great in almost any ones bathroom.

calm light oak vanity unit
calm light oak vanity unit
calm light oak vanity unit

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