Simple Ideas To Brighten A Dark Bathroom

A common mistake, which results in emphasising your bathroom’s dark spots, is having one single source of light in the room. This casts shadows in all the places you ought to be shedding light and, ultimately, makes your room look smaller.

Scatter lighting around the room to brighten all those corners and floor spaces that are prone to shadows – you can start by distributing lights across the whole ceiling.

Wall lights around your cabinet or a mirrored cabinet will work wonders in visually expanding the footprint of the room, while lighting around the mirror will have the added benefit of aiding your morning makeup/shaving routine.

You may also want to invest in a sun tunnel. Suitable for both flat and pitched roofs, sun tunnels will help you bring natural light into a windowless bathroom, even if there is up to six metres between the ceiling and the roof!


Mirrors are a really simple way of increasing both how big and how bright your bathroom looks. A small trick that will have a big impact is having a very narrow frame on your mirror, maximising the effect it has on the room.

Illuminated mirrors are about as good as you can get for brightening up the room. Whether you choose bright panels or softer lighting options, these will help you enhance the light in your bathroom.


Gloss or mosaic tiles will provide an extra-shimmery surface which will help shed more light in the room. They are also an excellent means of introducing colour into your bathroom décor, providing two design solutions in one.

These tiles can go on the walls, the floor, or even both, if you want to really help the light spread.

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