Black Friday Deals 2016

Black Friday

Okay so when it comes to the last Friday of November, aka, black Friday. People go mad! And I just don’t understand it. For one, why go to all the shops just to be crushed by hundreds of crazed customers racing to products they never even thought they wanted. So first of all, If you are going to buy something then do it online. Why get crushed when you can be covered in blankets doing your shopping peacefully with a nice brew. That’s the British way to do black Friday!

So another thing I will never understand which I briefly mentioned. Most customers that day buy things they don’t need and didn’t even want. But because they think it’s at a good price they will get it anyway! For me, I just wait off buying things I want and then buy them black Friday. I’m not then buying things that I don’t need. I would have bought them anyway but I got them cheaper on this crazy day. The best way to save money on black Friday is by not buying anything at all.

Fighting? Really? I know this is more of an American thing but still. Where the hell did everyone morals go? You really want a 50″ screen TV that much you are willing to push over children, fight strangers and just create chaos? Black Friday releases everyone inner animal. I’ve watched a lot of videos and not been 100% sure whether it’s shoppers fighting over a blender or a pack of wolves fighting over a piece of meat. Honestly indistinguishable.

This is my pet hate of black Friday. Retailers bumping up the price for the sale. So what you think is 20% off actually ends up being normal price by the end of it! Like I said before, people buy things because it’s a sale which is why retailers get away with this. It’s like people don’t think as soon as they see a sale on. Then again they don’t have enough time to think over all the running, screaming and fighting!

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