Be Creative With Your Bathroom

We all found the bathtub amazing when we was kids. It didn’t stop you playing and having fun. In general kids find it easy to be creative and use their imagination to help them have fun. However, many of us have lost that touch. Take the bathroom for example, it’s just a bathroom and the bath is just a bath. It’s not longer an ocean filled with dangerous sea creatures and pirates like it was when you were young.

I’m not telling you to start being childish in the bath playing around, there are other ways of being creative that will allow you to have fun even in the most “boring” of rooms as many people would suggest.

Take the time to think

The bathroom is the one time you are guaranteed some peaceful time to yourself, so why not use it. Whether your writing a book or planning a meeting, do it in the bathroom. Sit up in the essential oil filled bath and get creating. You have spare time that won’t be int interrupted, which doesn’t happen a lot for many people. So use the time effectively and let your creative juices flow. Don’t let whatever your working out stress you out either, you want to be creative not annoyed. Even if you’re just lay in the bath thinking, that’s still making the most of the free, relaxing time to tend to your creative needs.


When people decorate the bathroom they usually just use white paint and tiles because it’s the easier thing to do. Well don’t, it makes it look outdated and isn’t worth your money and time. If you’re renovating your bathroom then make sure you’re creative with it. Make sure you decorate it so that it’s personal to you, it represents you and your style but at the same time it fits in with the rest of the house. That way whenever your in the bathroom it’s more than just a bathroom to you. Plus it will look 10 times nicer, that’s always a goof benefit.


Don’t worry, this isn’t the time I tell you to get pirate ships out and immerse yourself in a different world. Those days have long gone for us. However, instead of taking boring baths why not use bath bombs, essential oils and create a bubble bath that is so nice and relaxing that you can’t help but smile when your in it. Make your baths count, the bath bombs will make the world of difference believe me.

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