Bathroom Trends, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Trends can be amazing but they can also be ridiculous. Beauty can come to light to show everyone, making more and more people use similar designs, spreading the beauty. However, they can also do the same to terrible designs. People start using the designs for their own home just because it’s trendy, ignoring the fact that the actual style is horrible. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly.


The good bathroom trends

We have all seen the good bathroom trend, the beautiful rooms that make you stop and stare speechlessly. In fact I’ve even wrote about them so for those who follow this blog will know the trends that I’m talking about here. Firstly, Freestanding baths, how can I not talk about these, elegant, classy and spacious, they tick off everything on the checklist which is why it is my favourite trend that has come into light. And the more popular they get the lower the prices drop that make trends even better.

The best trend from the last year will have to be the freestanding bath for me as not only does it check everything off but you can get traditional styles or modern therefore you could pick a bath that suits your bathroom. Check Bathroom Takeaway for freestanding baths as low as £299.97.

modern white freestanding bath

The bad bathroom trends

Some bathroom trends are bad. Not bad for looks but simply look mean! For me this has to be the rise in the use of grey in the bathroom. It gives the bathroom a modern, almost bachelor pad look to it. For me, a lover of modern bathroom designs this is perfect, not just that but in conjunction with a modern freestanding bath and you have yourself a very cool, modern bathroom that everyone would admire. If you are going to add grey to the bathroom and aren’t on a budget then I would opt for tiles, more specifically slate tiles. Topps Tiles offer a huge variety of tiles at different price ranges and colours, including a huge selection of grey tiles. There is something for everyone there and I personally fell in love with their Slimstone Slate Ocean Silver tile.


The ugly bathroom trends

The ugly bathroom trends that should never have been trends but my some strange miracle did. I hate these. A lot of people jump on board just because there a trend and then find that 3 months later that the style or product isn’t nice and that it was a waste of money. I don’t understand how these become trends but there’s always at least one ugly trend a year so somehow they do. It’s rather really good marketing or it’s people trying to be different and beat the trend which then turns these ugly products and styles into trends. Shame really.

For me carpet gets this one. I mean carpet just doesn’t belong in the bathroom. Sure it will be comfy and nice and warm, there’s no arguing that but I’d rather not make my bathroom look likes it’s from the 1970’s just to have toasty toes in the morning.

Tell me what you think of these trends, do you agree with the placements, anything you think would be a better contender? Comment down below.

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