3 Small Bathroom Ideas

Lose The Curtain

Losing the bath as a whole would save you a lot of space, however, then you don’t have a bath to relax in after a long stressful week. So instead, if you change out the shower curtain, which I think everyone hates anyway, and swap it with a sleeker looking glass panel it will really open up the bathroom that little more as it doesn’t look as cluttered. This isn’t a big deal anyway because nobody likes the curtains. For one they constantly stick to you and for two it reminds me of the scene from Psycho, i like knowing if someone enters the room when I’m at, probably my most vulnerable moment. But maybe I just watch too many horror films.

bath with curtain
bath with glass panel


Having a curbless shower really does make the room bigger. It doesn’t separate the limited space that you have and so it creates more floor space opening up the room. Just like getting rid of the curtain, it creates more of a minimalist style which gets rid of clutter and creating a more sleek, open style.

curbed shower
bath with glass panel

Create An Accent Wall

We saved the best small bathroom design idea for last. This is one of our favorite small bathroom ideas and it works great. If you want to add some color to your small bathroom, place it on the back wall. You can add color to the whole wall or a band of color. This technique will give your room depth and interest without overwhelming it. You can do this with paint or a fun colorful tile. If you want to add some pattern, then use it in the same way – either on the floor or to create an accent wall. Keep the rest of your walls simple and light in color to not dilute the effect.

small bathroom
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