Bathroom Trends, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

the good the bad the ugly

Trends can be amazing but they can also be ridiculous. Beauty can come to light to show everyone, making more and more people use similar designs, spreading the beauty. However, they can also do the same to terrible designs. People start using the designs for their own home just because it’s trendy, ignoring the fact … Read More

What Can’t A Vanity Unit Do?

grey, contemporary vanity unit

There are many reasons why people choose the bathroom furniture. Whether it’s design, functionality or lack of money we all end up with furniture that works well with the bathroom you’ve got or works terribly. We think that vanity units are the way forward no matter what bathroom design you have, there’s no excuse.   … Read More


Bathroom A Movie On twitter the other day #BathroomAMovie was trending. People started flocking to it, coming up with some genius puns about bathroom a movie that I never even thought of. Then again I never was good at stuff like that. Some even went that little bit further creating a picture to relate to … Read More

The Bathroom You Dream Of

freestanding bath in a big bathroom

Dreams are great, you can have whatever you want. However what if it’s also just as easy to have your dream bathroom? We have a few tips that will make it easier for you to get the bathroom of your dreams cheap and effectively.   Choose The Right Stuff First of all, just because you’re … Read More

En Suite, A Gift Or A Curse?

en suite

There’s a lot of good thing’s about having an en suite and reasons why you should get one. However, don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t any bad points to it either. Everything had a bad side to it as well.   Good Like I stated, there are a lot of good points to having … Read More

The Beauty Of Natural Lighting In The Bathroom

bathroom lotions next to a mirror with shutter shadows on the wall

Everyone loves natural lighting. It makes the room look nicer and more welcoming. It’s the same for bathrooms too, it makes them feel more hygienic and more welcoming. But there is more benefits to letting natural light in your bathroom than just the lighting in the bathroom.   The Outstanding View Not only do you … Read More

Be Creative With Your Bathroom

crayons in different colours

We all found the bathtub amazing when we was kids. It didn’t stop you playing and having fun. In general kids find it easy to be creative and use their imagination to help them have fun. However, many of us have lost that touch. Take the bathroom for example, it’s just a bathroom and the … Read More

What Makes Bathrooms So Great

freestanding bath with a bow around it

Now I know everyone will know the basics of why a bathroom is a must have. However, what makes it great? Why is there blogs written about them etc. Well there are many little things that come together making the bathroom one of the best rooms in the house. (In competition with kitchen and bedroom … Read More